A firm ahead

Founded in 1999, INSOLE srl has gained a front place between the european producers of shoe components with the confidence of a lot of the most known brands.

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Ahead on production

Amazing reduction of solvent usage. Casting’s head washed with hot high pressure water.
Reduction of releasing agent with robotized system.


ECO-dry®, hi tech material made of full recycled PU pellets. Open cells, breathable, absorption, cushioning and high comfort delivery.

ECOCCO®, pure coco fibre bonded with pure natural latex. The ECOCCO® insoles and footbeds are fresh, thermal insulant, breathable and ecological. Fit to get the ECOLABEL european 1980/2002/CE.

Sanipur®, water based technical PU foam. Full antimicrobial, SANITIZED® licence Sanitized AG following the rule UNI EN 12746.2000. High comfort, superior absorption, odour control.

TECH-pur®, technical PU foam that lik to the Sanipur® properties a superior flexibility and resiliance.

BODY-pur®, slow memory certificated foam. Full auto molding foam that can adapt itself to the anatomic shape of each foot. Unbelievable comfort also after a prolonged usage. Thickness and durability warranty.

LINEA Gea®, a group of full ecofriendly material, both for skull of insoles and for lining, such as Kenaf fibre, Bonded Wool, Cork, bamboo, Cocona®, organic Flax, organic Cotton.

POLICELL®, new hyper-technological material, the cells of this foam are larger than the binding structures. It transpires in an absolute way but does not retain moisture. Totally draining. All the materials can be combined and transformed without using chemicals or dangerous substances.

Aerosole®, is our special thermoformable poliurethanic foam. Specifically fit to made super comfort footbeds.

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All the production is 100 made in italy guaranteed.
All the employers are rented following the italians job rules and they are informed and continuously updated in matter of work safety, environment safety, race and gender respect.
The production is full equipped with all the last work safety devices, to offer everybody a healthful environment. All the raw materials are certified following the tightly italian and european rules. INSOLE srl can warrant that each items made and sold full respond to ethical, environmental and social requirement.


INSOLE srl is for years, and in this we are sure to have been the first in Italy, in the forefront of the environment!
Natural products, such as coconut fiber, kenaf and cork, all of vegetable and natural origin and processed with the sole aid of heat and pressure, without the use of solvents or other chemical agents. Totally recyclable and compostable at the end of their life cycle.


But not only! The internal production uses an advanced technology that minimizes the washing agents of the casting heads and each emission is strictly controlled and monitored and meets the most stringent emission standards of the province of Vicenza.

The cleaning of the molds is done exclusively with the use of high pressure dry ice without any other harmful chemical or solvent.

The mixing of the mixers is done only with water boilers without the use of chlorinated solvents, very harmful for man and for the environment, but still widely used.
Our commitment does not end here: our goal for the next year is to eliminate the solvents from the agents of separation, after having already eliminated them from all our glues.